April 19-23, 2020Las Vegas, NV


Automation is Not the Enemy: Using a DevOps Mindset to Do More of What You Love

The technology sector has a new favorite buzzword: automation. From database processing to application testing, there’s not a software product, cycle or service that’s not touting the benefits of automation, but for the Oracle professional who has heard the promises of these kinds of improvements before, there’s always some trepidation: “Doesn’t automation mean that some of my job is gone?” “What happens if we miss something during testing?” “There’s no time to implement all of this time-saving automation!”


While it’s fair to recognize that embracing DevOps requires a certain level of investment by individuals and organizations, this can no longer be viewed as a choice; customers expect rapid development, release and updates. Businesses that embrace this change will benefit, and those who cling to their old processes will lose customers, but this doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything you’re currently doing. Small changes can help you implement a more DevOps-driven development process, and actually help your teams save time even in the short term. At COLLABORATE 19, the DevOps and Deploy track will feature sessions that support every role that can benefit from a DevOps mindset:

  • Data professionals will learn how to implement microservices, build Docker environments, and sift through the myriad tools available to find what works for them
  • Architects will uncover the best way to stand up their environments, plan for future growth, and implement security at every layer
  • Application Administrators will learn how to harden their applications and take advantage of the latest features enabled for SaaS applications
  • And everyone will learn how to take advantage of automation features that will eliminate those repetitive, unappealing, and inefficient processes that are keeping you away from the places where your skills and knowledge can really shine.

Just like in a DevOps team, every COLLABORATE attendee will have the chance to learn new skills, partner with others to develop solutions, and then share what they’ve all learned when they return to the office. Imagine getting to tell your boss that you’re now able to quickly, securely and efficiently support your customers and organization – and you don’t have to stop doing the things that you’re good at!

Let the robots handle the tasks that don’t deserve your attention, and change “automation” from a buzzword to a business driver.

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