April 7-11, 2019 - San Antonio, TX USA


Explore Critical Topics and Learn to Leverage Emerging Technologies at COLLABORATE 18

COLLABORATE 18 is a timely forum to explore current headline-grabbing topics like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data security, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence and understand them in the context of the Oracle environment. Gain fluency, hear from early adopters and learn to leverage the possibilities in your business! Here’s a roundup of sessions covering these cutting-edge topics.



The Data Guardian: Converting GDPR Compliance from a Cost into a Benefit

INTL - GDPR Compliance and the Oracle E-Business Suite

INTL – GDPR – Data Privacy Regulations for the European Union

Turbo Talks: EU GDPR - Oracle E-Business Suite Statement of Direction

Cloud Security

Securely Clone to Non-Prod Environments

Data Security How to for Exadata: On-Premises, Oracle Cloud, and Oracle Cloud at Customer

Database Security in the Clouds

Security Monitoring and Analytics for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Identifying Security Risk with the Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT)

Your journey to cloud with Choice and Control

Oracle Cloud - How to Build Your Own Personalized Path to Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - The best of on-premises and cloud in a single infrastructure solution

There’s Better Security in the Cloud, But Are You Using the Cloud Securely?

Emerging Technologies

Oracle and the Adaptive, Intelligent Supply Chain

Bitcoin Tech: How Blockchain Helps Extend Boundaries for Enterprise Applications and SaaS

Disruptive technologies: Drones, Blockchain, AI, ML, Augmented Reality - Discover the possibilities

The Next Big Things: AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots, IOT, and Blockchain

Finding Space for Blockchain in the ERP World

Let's Start Chatting: Bot-Enable Your Oracle Enterprise Applications and SaaS

AI for Sales - CX Tomorrow, Today

Disruptive Technologies Enabling SCM Innovations: IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Chatbots & more

Blockchain? What is Blockchain? Why Do I Care?

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain and Its Implications for Finance

From Chaos to Control - How AI and Robotic Technologies Will Shape the Future