April 7-11, 2019 - San Antonio, TX USA

Call for Presentations

Education during COLLABORATE is always focused on users and real-world applications to amplify your Oracle investments. COLLABORATE 19 presenters share stories, insights and advice with the Oracle User Community.

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We appreciate all who submitted presentation proposals and who share our commitment to providing the COLLABORATE audience strategic views, timely insights and tactical best practices based on real-world experience. Our volunteers are now hard at work building the conference agenda. 

COLLABORATE offers presentations from Oracle customers, partners and experts on all areas of the application and technology stack. 
In 2019, special attention will be given to the following business outcomes:

Multi-layered Security Planning

Security has become a top concern for almost all industries and business sizes, but too many organizations continue to segment their security strategy, planning their defenses within the silos of previous business structures and by unit. Learn why it's important to develop a larger vision for your organization's security strategy, and how to implement it from your infrastructure up to your application. You'll also learn about important security design strategies for managing employees, customers and partners.

Optimizing Your On-premise Applications

Companies have invested in buying and installing a multitude of business applications that run within their own data centers and, for a variety of reasons, want to continue to run these applications where they currently reside. For these companies “faster, better, with more innovation, cheaper” have been and remain management’s mantra. This focus area highlights how companies can achieve these objectives through better configuration, inventive utilization of new features, and management of their existing installations.

Emerging Technologies

Every day there's another news story about IoT, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning - a whole host of new opportunities and new challenges. If you're wondering what these technologies mean to your day, you're not alone. In these sessions, we'll help to dig through the buzzwords and get to a real definition of how these technologies work, and how they're changing your day and your business.

PaaS for SaaS

With so many organizations incorporating SaaS applications, the need to plan for the evolution and optimization of those systems is coming to the forefront of technology roadmapping. The ability to quickly and seamlessly extend your existing SaaS implementation, or to manage application platforms in a hybrid environment provides a competitive edge over other companies, and the ability to rapidly spin up and spin down applications with confidence in their security is paramount. As the need for SaaS applications continues to grow, make sure you're ready to support it!

How Do I Submit a Presentation?

Visit the users group that closely aligns to your session topic to be taken to the specific Call for Presentations submission page. For topics covered by more than one user group, select the group that most closely matches your interest. Sessions are considered across all three user groups and should only be submitted once.

Learn more below about the products covered at COLLABORATE and which user groups’ sessions will cover those products.


Product User Group 
CX Cloud   Oracle Applications Users Group Quest Oracle Community
EPM Cloud   Oracle Applications Users Group  
ERP Cloud   Oracle Applications Users Group Quest Oracle Community
HCM Cloud     Quest Oracle Community
SCM Cloud   Oracle Applications Users Group Quest Oracle Community
Developer Independent Oracle Users Group    
E-Business Suite   Oracle Applications Users Group  
Engineered Systems Independent Oracle Users Group    
Essbase Independent Oracle Users Group    
Hyperion Applications   Oracle Applications Users Group  
JD Edwards     Quest Oracle Community
Middleware Independent Oracle Users Group    
Oracle Database Independent Oracle Users Group    
PeopleSoft     Quest Oracle Community
Siebel Independent Oracle Users Group Oracle Applications Users Group  
WebCenter Independent Oracle Users Group